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two high school students from the same school killed just 24 hours apart. >> while a community copes with another loss, police and local lead are look for ways to stop the violence. we'll have a live report. >> the is the blade run air slight risk. right now, oscar pistorius sits in a south african courtroom as day two of his bail hearings continue. we'll have an update on the investigation and what police have revealed they found in his bedroom. we'll be right back. ht back.
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straight up 6:00. it is wednesday, february 20th and it is a chilly start to your day. >> it is cold, very cold. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. a quick school delay to pass along to you from maryland. garrett county public schools will open two hours late today. there you go. weather already having an impact on schools. >> a little icy out there and temperatures are in the 20s. roosevelt bridge family, we are very cold. temperature locally in the low 30s. you mix in the winds you guys are talking about. you will see the cameras shaking this morning. it feels like teens and 20s. it will later today. it is february. we are in the middle of february. so today will feature temperatures about 10 degrees or so below average. 34 in washington. dulles, 32. bwi marshall, the magic 32 as well. we are looking at a lot of wind. winds out of the west gusting to about 30 early this morning so wind chill values as i mentioned are in the teens and low 20s. should be a nice bright day. we get a little bit of
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cloudiness out there at the moment. a few lake effect snow showers into west virginia and southern pennsylvania. a few of those snuck across into northern maryland during the overnight hours. otherwise, it should be a nice, quiet day. we are not expecting any winter precipitation today. just a few clouds passing through here so kind of a partly to mostly sunny day. it will be breezy and very cold with high temperatures only in the upper 30s. quiet wednesday, temperature by 5:00 p.m. about 35-degree. lots of wind today. be ready for a acold day. if you are walking outdoors, kids going to the bus stop, that kind of thing, winter is here for your wednesday. >> it took a while for it to get here. february, finally, we sort of hit it. >> kicked into gear here. >> it would be nice to stay inside and just watch. >> i wish. a lot of people out there on the roadways, julie. >> we've got the seat warmers on and the steering wheel warmer on. i don't blame you. accident activity reported along eastbound 66 before 29 in
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centreville tying up the two left lanes. 28 headed up towards 66. eastbound 66 definitely below speed out of manassas headed eastbound towards centreville. traffic will flow again leaving fair oak to 123. slow traffic north on i-95 headed from the print william parkway across the occoquan. no issue reported on 395 leaving the beltway continuing out towards the 14th street bridge. southbound 270, traffic is now tied up leaving 109 so south of hyattstown headed out towards the truck scales. you are in the clear leaving germantown headed out to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. our top story, a second suitland high school student killed in just a 24-hour time period. the latest happened last night in forestville. >> this is the sixth student to be killed in prince george's county this school year alone. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live outside suitland high with reaction this morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is just a feeling of shock and disbelief. some students saying they are afraid to come to school today. now, after murder of yet
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another student. it was about 5:30 on tuesday when prince george's county police rushed to investigate yet another shooting, this time on donell drive near pennsylvania avenue in forestville. two young men, both 18 years old, found shot in a parking lot. one said to be in grave condition. the other pronounced dead at the hospital. that one attended suitland high school. he was in the same grade as charles walker, the suitland high school freshman who was shot and killed around 4:20 monday on 28th avenue in hillcrest heights. police do believe robbery was the motive there. walker was care jig a new pair of timberland boots that friends say were a gift for his girlfriend. -- was carrying a new pair of timberland boots. >> the police have done their work. they have will arrest the individuals. we will ring them though justice and we need our community to come together to ensure we are not just reactioning. something greater has to be done. we need our parents to wrap their arms around their
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children to teach them the proper values. go to school, work hard. >> now, people in the neighborhood tell fox 5 that the two murder students did know each other and there is some chat i need to tell out social media that makes it sound as if there is some sort of an ongoing conflict here among some groups of students and some students even saying that they are afraid it could escalate. however, prince george's county police last night said they have no reason at this point to believe that these murders are connected. that is the latest from forestville. i'm sure there is more to come later today. back to you guys. >> thank you for that report. also from prince george's county, another deadly shooting investigation. a man was killed just before 11:00 last night, gunned down into the 3600 block of branch avenue in temple hills. the suspect who police say was high on pcp at the time has been taken into custody. from virginia now, heart breaking new details about the woman found dead inside a burning apartment on monday.
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her family says she was pregnant. they gave us this photo of jennifer lynn pearson. her family says her baby, a boy, was due in june. they also say the 3-year-old was stabbed before the fire began. neighbors called 911 after smelling smoke coming from the second floor of the apartment on water side view drive in reston. firefighters forced that are way inside and found pearson. so far, no arrests have been made in her death. day two of the oscar pistorius bail hearing is happening right no in south africa. it was supposed to wrap up today but it looks like it will extend a few more days. the star arrived early this morning at the courthouse in pretoria. his defense team denies the murder charges and is requesting bail actually detective is testifying that pistorius is a flight risk and should not be let out of jail. police are saying they found testosterone and needless inside pistorius' bedroom but his defense lawyer says the
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substance found was not a steroid but rather and herbal remedy. he tested negative twice for banned substances last year scientist city block virtually wiped out after an explosion some downtown kansas city. we'll have the latest on the search for victims and what might be to blame for the fireball. plus, a warning from president obama about the impact of sequestration. we're back after this.  it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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with just over a week before the automatic is he quester cut, president obama is again urging congress to take action. surrounded by first responders who he says would be hurt by the spending cuts, the president tuesday warned consults will reduce spenting on police, firefighters and teachers but republicans and democrats are still divided over tax increases. government agencies are now preparing to absorb the $85 billion that will hit their budget on the first of march. the white house says it is ready to strike back against cyberattacks from china.
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the obama administration coming out with an aggressive response plan later today. the proposals follow a report by a virginia company that ties unit to years of cyberattacks on american companies. the evidence shows the people's liberation army is stealing massive amounts of government data and corporate trade secrets. china is denying the report and says there is no proof it is behind the hacking. president obama needs to look for someone else to lead nato forces in europe. yesterday, marine general john allen dropped out of consideration officially saying he plans to retire from the military. in a statement, the president's former pick said he plans to focus on helping his wife deal with health issues. allen just finished a 19-month tour as top commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. time now is 6:11 on this wednesday morning. coming up, vice president joe biden's weapon of choice. >> a look at the damage left behind in kansas city after a gas explosion demolished an entire block. we'll be right back.
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a devastating scene in downtown kansas city. take a look at this. this was a natural gas explosion that left an entire block in flames. two people are reportedly missing. fourteen are hurt after the blast and a following fire. right now, emergency crews are using cadaver dogs to search the smoldering remains for victims or survivors. witnesses say they smelled natural gas for hours in the area before the blast. an investigation into the cause of the leak and explosion is still under way. juror right in downtown? >> right in downtown. >> too bad. >> what is happen something. >> a front came through that brought us some rain showers and temporarily the temperatures went up in the upper 40s and now they've fallen off a cliff here. we're waking one temperatures near freezing. but that is only half the story. the winds are really howling
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overnight and they will be with us all day today. cold and windy today. that is all you need to know. should be a dry day be other looking at more sunshine than clouds but with these temperatures not budging out of upper 30s for daytime highs and a lot of wind, it will be a very, very cold day. 34 in washington. 30 this morning in gaithersburg. 30 in fredericksburg. leonardtown, good morning, you are 32 degrees. 32 in stevenessville and 4 in cambridge. temperatures on the chilly side to start your morning. not a lot to auction about other than the wind here as we've had a few clouds overnight and a few streamers moving through. here are your wind chill values. this map will be back all day today. inwe'll fail to get out of upper 20s when you factor in the wind chills today. teen and 20s will be back in the forecast as these winds all morning long are blowing out of the west at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. it feels like 11 in hagerstown. very coal morning. 19 in win chester. just 25 here in the city.
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23 in baltimore. wind chill values all day long here teens and 20s. here is a a look at your satellite-radar. these are lake effect snow. win are out of the west and knowing and west. can you seat band of snow setting up on the lee side of great lakes. just a couple of streamers out there. a few of these have made it down into northwest maryland. mostly sunny today. mostly sunny tomorrow. this is our next area of snowstorminess that will bring us what look like a wintry mix here afriday. temperatures will be kind of of marginal. high temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s by friday. by friday afternoon, things might not be great around here. i'm not sure much icing we'll see. the storm system looks fairly weak but there may be enough to cause some issues here friday. 38 today. mostly sunny skies. cold and windy out there. check out your kind gusting to about 30. if you are in the mountains out to the west, up to 40 later today. we'll be in no a very cold one
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later tonight. that is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. 41 tomorrow with sunshine. should feel better with a little less wind. we cloud up friday, saturday, wintry mix transitioning to showers. back near 50 here by sunday and monday. so a warm-up on the way with plenty of sun here for the end of the weekend. that is weather. let's get latest on julie. looking good this morning. >> thank you, my dear. we talked to sky fox and they are saying they are hitting a very strong headwind heading frat college park over towards 66. the accident activity that we wanted them to see has been moved to the shuler. all lanes are open but nurse a big backup leaving business 234 out of manassas headed eastbound trying to make your way through centreville. traffic will slow again approaching 123. no accidents to report on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. northbound i-9 5, traffic is now backed up leaving the prince william parkway headed across the occoquan.
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there is also a did he lie continuing up to the beltway. -- a delay continuing up to the beltway. lt way. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. drivers in virginia beware aimplet ticket for texting while driving could soon cost you a lot more. the bill was passed by the senate on tuesday. fines for a first offense will now be $250. and second offense fines would start at $500. the legislation is on the way to the governor for his signature. the law would also make texting while driving a primary offense meaning that drivers can be pulled over and ticketed. before, drivers could only be cited if they were pulled over already for another violation. a new plan by d.c. mayor vincent gray would make the nation's capital the healthiest, greenest and most livable city. the "washington post" reports gray is kick starting dozens of programs to cut energy use, reduce traffic and increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables. gray says his plan will happen over the next 20 years.
6:20 am
major changes will include restricts on energy consumption for new buildings, an increase in the use of power from wind farm and a renewed push for public transportation. coming up next, within striking distance of an all- time high. lauren simonetti with the fox business network in new york joins us live with a look at wall street.  [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich.
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>> i guess i'm here.
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another round of high profile hack attacks. lauren simonetti joins us now from new york. >> good morning. it feels like forever. >> it does. now that we've gotten the technical difficulties out of the way, how are the markets doing? >> i thought something was going on. the markets are kind of flat. you could say they are having technical difficulties getting off the ground this morning. yesterday as a great day. the dow industrials are 130 points away from their all-time historic record closing high so i'm telling you, we are going to have history in the making sometime soon. >> what is the deal with these hack attacks. apple is now part of this? >> jaw. it is getting bad. it is getting ugly. facebook and apple have basically the same hack attack system going on. their workers went to a certain web site for software developers which is when that hack attack occurred. we think it is coming from chinese espionage teams linked to the chinese military. we do not know. we are assuming their want our
6:25 am
tech secrets, details about our infrastructure, other secrets like that that we do keep here in the u.s. this isn't just happening at apple and facebook. but it is also happening at twitter and on certain brands that are on twitter. crazy things happening like jeep, for instance. chrysler's jeep brand was hacked yesterday and hackers said -- they posted that the employees and ceo were on drugs. and burger king was hacked and taken over by mcdonald's. that is the story that the hackers wanted to put out there. this is something we should be afraid of. >> let's end on a high note because it appears as though a cup of coffee could be getting cheaper. so that could be good. >> oh, yeah. in the coffee realm, smucker's is the trendsetter. they have folger's and the dunkin donuts bagged coffee that you buy in the supermarket. they are cutting by 6%. since 2009, they have had three
6:26 am
fries cuts equally 17%. over the past year and a half, coffee has gotten 17% cheaper on average. here is the rub. coffee bean prices have gone down by about 55%. so a 17% deduction versus their cost going down 55%, have you to say, come on, coffee companies, you can cut price even more. >> yeah. bring it on down even more so we can buy more and drink more because we are on the early morning shift. >> i'm on can you be number two. how about you? >> on cup number two heading to can you be up in three. sarah is only on can you be number two? >> it is a big cup. >> its a big cup so we're good. good to see you. we'll see you later. >> you too. dave ross joins us just ahead with a look at why rg iii and bryce harper are making national headlines,. >> first, a deadly week for a
6:27 am
local high school. we'll look at how the community is responding to the string of violence. violence.   you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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welcome back. garrett county schools will open two hours late and mountain ridge district in allegheny county will open two hours late. a little bit of weather they're dealing with out there. ## i think it's direct result of awhat they had yesterday. very cold temperature and they are dealing with a lot of wind out there as well and temperature in the 20s right now. >> not good. >> not a terribly comfortable combination if you are outside this morning. it is cold area-wide, not just locally but up and down the eastern seaboard. we have coal temperatures moving in. plan accordingly. plan for a rather chilly afternoon. rather blustery affect. the wind will be with us for much of the day.
6:31 am
4 right now in washington. 31 in new york city. chicago checking in way temperature just nine degrees. 18 in detroit and 35 in boston. winds blowing out of west here. it has been gusting overnight to about 30. these are your sustained winds. 13 in washington. check out hagerstown, 29 in martinsburg. very windy conditions and our wind chills will be in the teen and 20s here today with high temperatures, at actual air temperature may make it in the upper 30s but it will never feel that warm. it won't be a perfectly sunny day. if you look carefully, you might see a few light snowflakes, snow flurries there on the radar. as we are getting a little lake effect snow kicking in there from the lakes to our north and west. high temperature about 38 in washington. 39 in leonardtown and we won't make it out of the upper 20s and low 30s to the west. winchester, your high about freezing.
6:32 am
30, 32 later today. >> coming up in a minute, we have tony and tucker aimplet really good question today. something i have a thought about before. somewhat weather-related and it is about weather and cars. >> you thought about it but you can't really ask the question of yourself, can you? >> i can ask it but it has to be officially -- >> entered in the system. >> protocol. >> a lot of other people in line ahead of me. >> that is true. >> time now for on-time traffic. traffic. >> can i just say no matter what car you have, if there is ice on the roads, unless you have skis, you will slide. >> you will slide with skis too, julie. >> i'm a beach girl. can i put that on the record. the crew in sky fox made it out to 29 in centreville. this is where we had the crash before 29. all the activity confined to the shoulder so our lanes are open.
6:33 am
unfortunate larks miserable commute early this morning from before business 234 headed eastbound on 66 trying to work your way back in towards centreville. heavy and slow, this is how it flows as you continue eastbound along 66. thank you, chopper brad. let's go to the next element. let's not forget to mention that southbound on 95 approaching quantico, we have accident activity involve a tractor-trailer. the two left lanes remain closed off at this time. continuing in virginia again this morning, edsall road east of 359 still shut down between reynolds street and van dorn. that is due to the water main break and the repairs. accident activity reported 29 at spring street and now we'll pop up the cameras quickly. we'll show you the drive north on 59 leaving newington headed up towards the capital beltway. there is a stretch of slow traffic. delays continue out of stafford leave ago qie aharbor and dale city to the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. -- leaving aquia harbor and dale city to the occoquan.
6:34 am
back to our top story. it is downright disturbing. six students in prince george's county have now been killed this school year alone. this tragic trend began back in august way home invasion and there were three more teenagers killed by late january. now, there has been two more gunned down in a span of 24 hours. >> as if it didn't get any worse, both attended suitland high school. melanie alnwick has the latest on the case and reaction. >> good morning. at this point, prince george's county police are saying there is no indication that these murders are connected. however, people in the neighborhood do tell fox 5 that these suitland high school students did all know each other. it was around 5:30 on tuesday when prince george's county officials rushed to investigate another shooting in forestville. two young men, both 18 years old, shot in a parking luka magnotta one in grave
6:35 am
condition, another pronounced dead at the hospital. that one attended suitland high school. he was in the same grade as charles walker, the suitland high school freshman would was shot and killed at 4:20 in the afternoon monday on 2th avenue in hillcrest heights. these scenes are about five miles from each other. police do believe robbery was the motive there. walker was carrying a new pair of timberland boots that friends say were a gift for his girlfriend. yesterday, the principal told me it was the first time he has had to deal with a murder student and i asked him how the school can keep students focused on their futures. >> we continue to expose them to the possibility. that is part of our theme this year. believe in the possibilities. continue to dream and then it is our job to impart knowledge and nurture those deems with the different continue tent areas to help them obtain those things that they want to do and expose them to different opportunities. >> reporter: prince george's county schools having to put out another statement saying
6:36 am
they are horrified with what is going on and adding we cannot go another day without addressing these unspeakable agents of violence against our students. they are asking for the community's support in all of this as well. prip pal newman new ulm -- principal newman told me yesterday was a rough day as students were coming to grips with the loss of their friend chuck and it is expectedded to be another difficult day here at suitland high school. >> the prince george's county police demeanor has set up a task force to examine the student slayings we will talk to rushern baker about this and what the community can do to help out. he will join us live in studio in the 8:00 hour. vice president joe biden says no one needs an assault went ton to protect themselves. he says anyone who wants weapon should opt for a shotgun. he admitted owning two shotguns which he says he keeps locked up at home. that entire discussion during which the vice president
6:37 am
answered questions submitted by a social media will be online today on parent magazine's facebook page. the man convicted of murdering chandra levy could get a retrial. according to documents represented to the case that were unsealed yesterday, lawyers for ingmar guandique say his prosecution was, quote, predicated on a lie. his defense team says they have new information that could question the testimony of one witness and undercut the government's case. a judge will hold another hearing about that information in april. former congressman jesse jackson, jr. and his wife sandra will appear in a d.c. federal court today for a plea hearing. the couple is accused of scheming to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign funds on personal items. both have agreed to plead guilty and they face jail time. topping the morning line today, rg iii goes all in for
6:38 am
the weekend and bryce harper makes the cover thele sports illustrated. >> you got a problem with the commercial? >> no. they got marketing. >> they've come out with this ad that some are finding controversial. let's take a listen. >> blow up last season. every win, every loss. ry loss. every headline. line. blow it all up. because all that matters is what you do next. >> okay. so blow it up. but you are all in for week one. what if he is on the pup list? are you all in for week 66. >> you make a new commercial. >> it depends on what week you
6:39 am
come back. >> all in for 2015. whatever the case is. that is what you adjust your commercial too to. >> make a new one. >> you notice he wasn't doing any running this that commercial. here is his tweet. he said i feel like i needed to do this. do this. here is the thing. why do have you to put the precursor to that. i feel like i needed to do that. just do t oh, that is another slogan for another company. >> i see how did you that. >> good news for nats fanned amount gio gonzalez. he said he didn't have any part of this ped scandal down this in florida. four more names came out. new names came out and his was cleared. gio's was cleared. he received $1,000 worth of goods but they were all legal supplements, stuff that you use, like amino acids and regular right minutes and all over the counter legal stuff.
6:40 am
so gi oa. said from day one he was clean. good enough for major league baseball. good enough for me. gi oa. is back in the mix. all is well. >> he is off the list. >> he fell out of the top ten. >> a list you don't want to be o here is a list you do want to be on. phenoms on the cover of sports illustrated. bryce harper. what will he have in mind for his encore? what do you think? >> its a cool. >> you don't seem impressed. the kid is 20 years old. he is on the cover of si. >> i agree. it is impressive. but you know what would be even more impressive. being on the cover of si at the end of season. >> you are all about just make another commercial and be on the cover. >> it is all about marketing. he is on the cover now. he needs to be on the cover at the end. >> this isn't marketing. he doesn't get a bad for this. this is si. >> did they force him to do it? >> it is other than honor.
6:41 am
>> i'm agoing to make a hue commercial. i'm all in every week, every day, during the morning line. >> what exactly would i shoe commercial be? >> for me. >> i can't do anything athletic so don't buy these shoes. >> wow, that is really -- now, is all out. >> the could you cut his much ic, please. >> we've done that already today, dave. >> still ahead this hour. saving you money by setting yellow light standards? we'll tell you about the new man here in d.c. and what it could mean for the way you drive.   we're back after this. 
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
now, tease lawmakers are tackling another track issue, the electric of yellow lights at intersections. >> councilmember vincent orange wondered if some yellow lights are shorter than others. he is proposing a bill that would set a standard for lights despite the fact that d.c.'s
6:45 am
department of transportation says there is already one in place. >> it is a four second minimum per until light interserks. that is based on a number of factors. the based on the size of the intersection. it is also based on the posted speed limb meningitis i want it make sure that people are getting a fair shake. >> orange says he wants to pay closest attention to yellow lights with cameras which can cost you money if you are caught trying to run a red light. demeanor of transportation says the yell old light time are routinely inspected. >> just make the green lights even longer. >> that will fix the problem. >> care r that is a bill that sarah is proposing right now. >> or even better are, just walk everywhere you go. >> sarah. that is a bill that sarah is proposing right now. >> wisdom doesn't have to worry about this. he gets car service. >> somebody to give him a ride
6:46 am
every morning. >> me, myself and i. >> we got cold overnight. if you don't have a car service, you have to go out to the car, make sure you are ready for a cold morning. highs only in the upper 30s. the wind will be howling here at times out of the west at about 15, 20, gusting to about 30 here throughout the day. we've already been dealing with wind overnight. 34 right now in washington. we are 32 this morning in leonardtown. cambridge, good morning. you are 4 degrees. salisbury is 34 degrees. check out your 20s off to the north and west. hagerstown, 27 and in cumberland, we are 27 as well. we do have a couple of school delays off to the north and west where we're dealing with some ice as well as cold and a lot of wind out there early this morning. here is your wind chill temperatures. winds have been blowing here to
6:47 am
about 30. 17 in gaithersburg. 11 in hagerstown. definitely lots of layers. make sure the kids are properly dressed. should be sunny. not going to be perfectly sunny. we do have some clouds out there at the moment. a few streamers off to the north and west. it will kind of be a partly to mostly sunny day today although cold and blustery this afternoon. futurecast, put in motion real quick. we are doing fine today. look at tomorrow night. 9:00, sunshine, clear skies. no sunshine tomorrow night at 9:00. as we get into the overtight hours into early friday, we have the makings of a our next storm system. this could bring a bit of a wintry mix during the day on friday into friday night. look like it will transition over to rain but it might be a little such and go particularly during the day. sunshine today, cold and windy. 38 your daytime high. there are your winds gusting to the north and west. we'll be very cold tonight with just a such clouds out there. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. today and tomorrow, plenty of sunshine although still on the
6:48 am
chilly side. our average daytime highs in the upper 40s now and this is your wantery mix on friday with highs only in the mid-30s. get ready for a cold one on friday. >> thank you. >> tony perkins, good morning. hello there. guess what it is time for. time for ask tony and tucker, the second-degreement where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. tuck hears done all the research on this one. great question from jerry torasic. >> good morning. >> jerry says sometimes during my drive in to work on cold mornings, i notice a liquid dripping from the tailpipe of the vehicle in front of me. is this condensate or spent fuel. is there a certain weather condition that will cause this
6:49 am
phenomenon such as air temperature, humidity are due point? does it only occur in the winter or can it occur in the summer. well, officially, jerry, you are two questions over the limb the but we will answer all of them for you. tucker. >> let me first say i am not an expert in all things cars. if you want to add to the conversation, feel free to e- mail us. >> can i answer the basic question or you want to answer the whole thing into i want to answer the whole thing. >> okay. >> no, i'm he just kidding. it is related to cars and it is dim related to weather. so in many ways this is a weather-related question. >> what you are seeing drift out the exhaust pipe is not spent fuel which i think would be fairly dangerous. >> i have aseep this many times and thought to myself what is going on there. >> it is water. it is water that is dripping out. >> how does it get there, you're wondering.
6:50 am
>> here is the process. inside, of a lot of things banging around together, hydrogen and carbon combined with oxygen. wisdom knows this, of course. >> he likes cars. >> it is part of the combustion process and the exhaust getting rid of the emigs that aren't needed to run the car. >> i was about to say that. >> the product of that combustion process is water. it is so hot during the combustion process is that it is steam. it comes out as steam. in the winter months as that water drop -- there is an awful actual water drop falling out. >> you don't know how long we had to accepted a cameraman you out to the get that. >> you could travel the world.
6:51 am
we have the special effects here. one of those product is water. in the winter months when the temperatures very cold, it condenses on its way through the tailpipe and drips out as water. that is the simple answer. don't like so excited, sarah. >> we get all kind of questions. it is all about the coal temperatures. you won't see this in the summer months when the temperatures warm. >> you might see it. >> it will come out as steam, not as dripping water. the water will come out of the tailpipe in the tumor months when the temperature is warmer because the condensation will not come out dripping. there is one issue here. i didn't realize this but mufflers will often rust because, if you take your car only on short trips, that water collects in the muffler. it doesn't come out of the exhaust pipe and it will eventually cause your muffler to rust. that is why a lot of people
6:52 am
have to get the mufflers replaced. i thought it was from the bottom up. >> i don't see that as often as i used to. you used to erusted mufflered on the side of road all the time. >> maybe they are coating the mufflers now. >> maybe they're doing something to them. you don't see that problem anymore. >> i think we're done. >> i think we created more questions than we answered. >> i think we have 30 seconds left but we are adone. >> thank you, jerry. we, tucker and i, appreciate your question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. i have a question. why doesn't sarah pick tomorrow's question? >> there you go, sarah. >> you don't know what you're in for. >> maybe we shouldn't do that. >> julie wright is in charge of traffic this morning. let's check in with her. >> exactly how many miles do i have left on the gas tank when the light comes on. >> we've answered that
6:53 am
question. >> obviously, i missed that one. >> it is fascinating. >> maybe we should go back to that again. >> we'll rack it up again and show it to you. >> it is really cold outside. who wants to stand there and pump gas at 4:00 in the were monthing. >> why don't you pump gas in the afternoon. >> its ahe cold then too. >> how do you go outside in the winter? >> i don't. >> do we have time for this? >> don't have you a job to do. >> down to about 34 minutes from gainville to centreville just traveling between the two 29s here out to the west on 66. a big miserable commute there unfortunately. southbound 270 from # 5 buckiestown headed out towards the village. a 32-minute drive and that is with lanes open. authorities tell me they are be canning for the crash there. 29 at string spring street.
6:54 am
let's pop up the cameras. -- southbound 207 from 95. typical lowdown heren bound on new york avenue. traffic light delays trying to work your way past bladensburg road past the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. still ahead at 7:00, a countdown to sequestration. we'll sit down with our team of political insiders. >> we'll check in with holly who is keeping nordic cool over it the kennedy center. we'll be right back after this. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
6:55 am
there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris on this wednesday morning. you could say we are keeping our cool specifically nordic cool which is a month long international festival at the kennedy center. this is no small deal. 750 participating artists that are show casing finland, ice land, norway, sweden, denmark and a few other territories as well.
6:58 am
it's about celebrating the art, the culture, the people, the land. so many different ways for you to experience nordic cool. and we're getting a wonderful preview. look at this right here. we're going to talk with the architect how they go about making these. we've got ice land pianist coming out. we have a chef that specializes in nordic cuisine. wisdom and sarah. >> got to have those lego's. >> thanks holly. time for facebook fan of the day. we say a special hello to sherry marie. she got hooked on fox 513 years ago when she was on bedrest.
6:59 am
congratulations on being fan of the day. for your chance to be fan of the day, like our facebook page and post a comment below cheri's picture. >> let's send it over to allison and tony. >> good morning to both of you. coming up right now on fox 5 morning news. tragedy turns to outrage in prince georges county. a second suitland high school student to be killed. a live report at the school where grief counselors will be on hand once again. >> shocking new evidence in the oscar pistorius case. police reveal what they say was found in his bedroom the night his model girlfriend was shot to death. >> plus, with the ses

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